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        Kimberly Students Build Towards the Future

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                                                                                Engineering  (ACE)  Academy.  Called  a
                                                                                school-within-a-school, ACE Academy stu-
                                                                                dents receive a comprehensive education in
                                                                                a  collaborative  learning  environment  that
                                                                                fosters  a  link  between  classroom  learning
                                                                                and real-world experiences.
                                                                                   Past Building Construct 2 classes have
                                                                                built residential garages, concession stands,
                                                                                a park gazebo and an outdoor learning class-
                                                                                room  in  their  school’s  forest.  last  year’s
                                                                                BC2 class partnered with Greater Fox Cities
                                                                                Area Habitat for Humanity to rehabilitate an
                                                                                older home in Kimberly.
                                                                                   The goal of Academic and Career Plan-
                                                                                ning  is  not  for  students  to  have  a  plan  set
                                                                                in stone at a young age, rather it is to help
                                                                                students  learn  about  their  interests  and  the
                                                                                types of career options available to them. “It
                                                                                is nice that our students are able to do some-
                                                                                thing positive that improves the community
        prepare  them  for  college,  careers  and  life.   real-world experienced-based setting,” said   that  they  live  in  through  acts  of  selfless-
        By  taking  Science,  Technology,  Engineer-  Masanz. “They gain firsthand career knowl-  ness,” added Masanz.
        ing and Math (STEM) coursework like BC2,   edge  to  decide  which  careers  best  fit  their
        the students are also developing an interest   interests, as opposed to simply reading about
        in high-demand jobs. “I feel we were doing   careers on the internet or watching YouTube
        ACP  long  before  it  became  a  state  initia-  videos.”                       (920) 788-7900
        tive because students are able to test-drive   The  BC2  class  is  part  of  the  curricu-
        various  construction-related  careers  in  a   lum  for  the Architecture,  Construction  and

                                             Careers in ConstruCtion

        Construction Laborers               ance with specifications, building codes, and   Construction Carpenters  work  is  in  accordance  with  relevant  codes.
                                            other regulations. Inspections may be general
                                                                                                                   May install or service street lights, intercom
            Perform  tasks  involving  physical  labor   in nature or may be limited to a specific area,   Construct, erect, install, and repair struc-  systems, or electrical control systems.
        at  construction  sites.  May  operate  hand  and   such as electrical systems or plumbing.  tures  and  fixtures  of  wood,  plywood,  and   Median wage (2016) $25.35 hourly, $52,720
        power  tools  of  all  types:  air  hammers,  earth   Median wage (2016) $28.12 hourly, $58,480   wallboard,  using  carpenter’s  hand  tools  and   annual
        tampers,  cement  mixers,  small  mechanical   annual                   power tools.
        hoists,  surveying  and  measuring  equipment,                          Median wage (2016) $20.96 hourly, $43,600   plumbers
        and a variety of other equipment and instru-  Operating Engineers & Other    annual                            Assemble,  install,  or  repair  pipes,  fit-
        ments.  May  clean  and  prepare  sites,  dig   Construction Equipment Operators                           tings, or fixtures of heating, water, or drainage
        trenches,  set  braces  to  support  the  sides  of   Operate  one  or  several  types  of  power   Cost Estimators  systems, according to specifications or plumb-
        excavations,  erect  scaffolding,  and  clean  up   construction  equipment,  such  as  motor   Prepare cost estimates for product manu-  ing codes.
        rubble, debris and other waste materials. May   graders,  bulldozers,  scrapers,  compressors,   facturing, construction projects, or services to   Median wage (2016) $24.74 hourly, $51,450
        assist other craft workers.         pumps, derricks, shovels, tractors, or front-end   aid management in bidding on or determining   annual
        Median wage (2016) $16.07 hourly, $33,430   loaders  to  excavate,  move,  and  grade  earth,   price  of  product  or  service.  May  specialize
           annual                           erect structures, or pour concrete or other hard   according  to  particular  service  performed  or  Architects
                                                                                type of product manufactured.
                                                                                                                       Plan  and  design  structures,  such  as
        Construction Managers               surface  pavement.  May  repair  and  maintain   Median wage (2016) $29.71 hourly, $61,790   private  residences,  office  buildings,  theaters,
            Plan, direct, or coordinate, usually through   equipment in addition to other duties.  annual          factories, and other structural property.
        subordinate  supervisory  personnel,  activities   Median wage (2016) $22.06 hourly, $45,890               Median wage (2016) $36.99 hourly, $76,930
        concerned with the construction and maintenance   annual                Cement Masons & Concrete Finishers    annual
        of structures, facilities, and systems. Participate   Civil Engineers      Smooth  and  finish  surfaces  of  poured
        in the conceptual development of a construction   Perform engineering duties in planning,   concrete,  such  as  floors,  walks,  sidewalks,  Heating and Air Conditioning
        project and oversee its organization, scheduling,   designing,  and  overseeing  construction  and   roads,  or  curbs  using  a  variety  of  hand  and   Mechanics & Installers
        budgeting,  and  implementation.  Includes  man-  maintenance of building structures, and facili-  power tools. Align forms for sidewalks, curbs,   Install, service, or repair heating and air
        agers in specialized construction fields, such as   ties, such as roads, railroads, airports, bridges,   or  gutters;  patch  voids;  and  use  saws  to  cut   conditioning  systems  in  residences  or  com-
        carpentry or plumbing.              harbors,  channels,  dams,  irrigation  projects,   expansion joints.  mercial establishments.
        Median wage (2016) $42.93 hourly, $89,300   pipelines, power plants, and water and sewage   Median wage (2016) $18.84 hourly, $39,180   Median wage (2016) $22.07 hourly, $45,910
           annual                           systems.                              annual                              annual
        Construction & Building Inspectors  Median wage (2016) $40.16 hourly, $83,540   Electricians
            Inspect structures using engineering skills   annual                   Install,  maintain,  and  repair  electrical   Source: O*NET
        to determine structural soundness and compli-                           wiring,  equipment,  and  fixtures.  Ensure  that
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