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8 | Transportation Today Wisconsin™                                                       Online Edition:

                      Wausau East Transportation Program Thrives through

                      Community Partnerships

                                                                                   Auto Awareness: This course covers basic   Auto  Academy  (technical  college):
                                                                                systems of the automobile. units of instruction   Students who successfully complete the prereq-
                                                                                include: tools, auto products, ignition, fuel, elec-  uisite  transportation  classes  may  be  eligible  to
                                                                                trical,  cooling,  general  maintenance,  interior/  participate in the local technical college’s Auto
                                                                                exterior care, and new/used car purchasing. This   Academy during their senior year of high school.
                                                                                course provides a theory of operation and prac-  Academy  coursework  will  be  taught  on  the
                                                                                tical lab experiences for the automobile owner.  college campus by college instructors. The Auto
                                                                                   Occupational  Mechanics  I:  Introduction   Academy will prepare students to be workforce-
                                                                                to  the  automotive  service  industry  including   ready  through  Youth  Apprenticeship  at  area
                                                                                safety and the use of basic hand and power tools   businesses,  and  they  will  earn  an  Automotive
                                                                                to  help  the  prospective  automobile  technician   Maintenance & Light Repair Technical Diploma.
                                                                                work safely and efficiently. Students will learn   All  credits  (a  tuition  value  of  $1,800)  transfer
                                                                                to perform basic under-hood and under-car ser-  to  the  college’s  associate  degrees  or  technical
                                                                                vices  including:  Basic  Maintenance,  Steering,   diplomas, so students will have a jump start to
                                                                                Suspension,  Brakes,  and Tune-up. This  course   continue their education after high school.
                                                                                is  based  on  hands-on  lab  activities  supported   Youth Apprenticeship — Transportation:
                                                                                by classroom operational theory of automotive   Students  have  the  opportunity  to  jump-start
                                                                                systems. The students will have the opportunity   their careers by enrolling in Youth Apprentice-
                                                                                to work on their own vehicle repairs. Addition-  ship (YA) where they earn credit while working
                                                                                ally students will be introduced to the basics of   on the job. YA placements are available in auto
                                                                                autobody/collision  repair  as  well  as  painting.   mechanics,  diesel  or  auto  body  and  collision.
        Diana White, Coordinator of Communications   they  host  a  Transportation  Career  Expo  which   Students who successfully complete this course   Students are matched with a mentor that teaches
           and Marketing                    is open to all schools in Central Wisconsin that   will  receive  dual  credit  through  a  technical   them all aspects of the business while earning a
        Wausau School District              gives  students  and  parents  the  chance  to  meet   college.        paycheck and elective credit.
            Wausau East High School, located within   with industry professionals and explore careers   Occupational  Mechanics  II:  This  class   While students can work on their own vehi-
        the Wausau School District, is home to an 8,000-  in transportation.    is a continuation of Occupational Mechanics I.   cles in the automotive shop, they can also work
        square foot automotive shop that gives students,   It’s this kind of support of our transporta-  The course develops entry level skills/competen-  on ‘customer vehicles’ that are dropped off at the
        115 to 130 on average per year, the opportunity to   tion program, and the transportation pathway in   cies in the following ASE (National Institute for   beginning  of  the  day.  Students  diagnose  them,
        learn all three career areas within the transporta-  general, that’s allowing our students to get real   Automotive Service Excellence) areas: Suspen-  develop quotes, order parts, install the parts and
        tion pathway: Auto Technicians, Auto Collision,   hands-on experience — preparing them for life   sion  &  Steering,  Brakes,  Electrical/Electronic   repair, and help with billing. All experiences that
        and Diesel Mechanics.               after high school.                  Systems,  and  Engine  Performance.  Time  will   still set them up for success after high school.
            The  shop,  built  after  the  passing  of  a   Our  area  technical  colleges  are  also  step-  be spent both in class and at the jobsite (where   “This automotive facility at Wausau East is
        community-wide  referendum  in  2015,  features   ping up in a big way to support students. Through   applicable). In the lab and at the jobsite (where   a shining example of what happens when admin-
        three  two-point  hoists,  two  four-point  hoists,   a partnership with one of the colleges, students   applicable) students will gain hands-on experi-  istration,  businesses,  and  community  members
        one heavy duty four-post hoist for semi/diesel,   can  learn  all  about  Diesel  Mechanics.  What   ence  with  state-of-the-art  tools  and  large-scale   are all pulling in the same direction. This is truly
        a low rise hoist for auto collision, a paint booth   makes this opportunity unique, in particular, is   diagnostic/repair  equipment,  develop  employ-  a  win-win  scenario  in  our  community  and  our
        and paint mixing room, as well as state-of-the-art   that the college’s diesel instructor meets virtually   ability skills and spend time developing a good   school district,” said Poppe.
        wheel alignment equipment, a tire balancer, and   with  students  every  week. Then,  the  instructor   resume. Lab work will be performed mainly on   All  of  which  align  to  the Wausau  School
        an attached classroom. It also has its own semi   makes  it  a  point  to  actually  visit Wausau  East   late model donated vehicles; however, students   District’s mission of advancing student learning,
        truck that students can work on.    High School to work with students in the class on   will have the opportunity to work on their own   achievement, and success.
            This opportunity, for Wausau School Dis-  trucks. In addition, once a year, students actually   vehicle repairs. Students who successfully com-
        trict  students,  would  not  be  possible  without   get to travel to train in the college’s facility.  plete this course will receive dual credit through
        the support of a number of amazing community   “It’s a way for the students to get another   a technical college.
        partners. One of those partners is the WATEA.   instructor’s  perspective  with  this  and  interact
        WATEA is a professional organization made up   with a real live college instructor. The kids are
        of  industry  partners  who  support  the  transpor-  getting a lot more with this than just a regular
        tation  pathway  in  all  areas  of  education.  One   dual credit class,” said Mark Poppe, Wausau East
        example of how they do that is that they provide   Automotive Teacher.
        vehicles for students to work on. Once repaired,   Students are able to get 4 credits through
        those vehicles get donated back into a commu-  the class.
        nity program called ‘Wheels to Work,’ providing   Other  classes  available  to  students  in  the
        people with the transportation they need to get to   Wausau East Automotive Shop include:
        and from their jobs.                   Introduction  to  Power  Mechanics:  This
            They also helps develop new programs like   course is designed for students who are interested
        Auto Collision & Repair training for post gradu-  in  exploring  the  internal  combustion  engine  as
        ates. This program is in partnership with the local   well as basic professional shop procedures/tasks.
        technical college and Wausau East High School.   During this class students will explore basic tools,
        Classes, taught by college instructors, are held at   measurement,  and  engine  theory  of  operation/
        the high school.                    construction.  Student  experiences  will  include:
            Their support includes a golf fundraiser in   engine rebuilding, troubleshooting and two and
        July, which helps with scholarships and funding   four-cycle engine theory. Students should expect
        for educational programs. Then, each February,   to spend the majority of their time in the lab.
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