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                   Holmen Auto Service Providing Hands-On Learning

                                                                                credit class and provides students with three   •   Fuel system: fuel volume and pressure
                                                                                post-secondary  credits.  This  allows  our  stu-  tests, fuel filter replacement
                                                                                dents to earn high school and technical college   In  addition  to  Auto  Service  I,  these
                                                                                credit  simultaneously  and  receive  their Auto   hands-on automotive courses are also offered
                                                                                Service Excellence (ASE) certification at the   at Holmen High School:
                                                                                completion of the course.            •  Home  and  Auto:  Consumer-based
                                                                                   In this class, students get to learn about   course  focused  on  owning  and  buying
                                                                                these  systems  by  repairing  and  diagnosing   houses and vehicles. The students learn
                                                                                issues:                                basic maintenance, finance, inspections,
                                                                                  •  Wheel  systems  and  tires:  mount  and   and the buying process.
                                                                                    balance  tires,  tire  puncture  repair,  tire   •  Basic  Auto:  The  students  learn  auto-
                                                                                    rotation                           motive  terminology,  basic  tool,  and
                                                                                  •  Brakes  and  ABS  system:  replacing   equipment  safety,  and  each  automotive
                                                                                    brake pads, measuring thickness, bleed-  system’s basic parts and functions.
                                                                                    ing brake lines, diagnosing ABS sensors  •  Auto Service II: Eligible for for 3 credits
                                                                                  •  Preventative   maintenance   fluid:   at the local technical college. This course
                                                                                    completing  checklists,  fluid  flush,  and   is all about advanced systems and diag-
                                                                                    exchanges, customer concerns       nostics.  They  will  learn  about:  shocks/
                                                                                  •  Charging and starting system: measur-  struts,  transmissions,  engine  perfor-
                                                                                    ing voltage drops and amperage outputs  mance, drive train, and shop simulation.
                                            the students learn how to maintain their own   •  Ignition  system:  replacing  ignition
        Travis Judell, Communications Specialist  vehicle.”                         wires, coils, and plugs
        School District of Holmen               Another group of students is helping out   •  Cooling  system:  coolant  flow,  thermo-
            It’s the start of another school day inside   a Holmen High School teacher whose tire has   stat replacement, coolant flush
        Holmen  High  School,  and  a  few  students   a  slow  leak.  To  find  the  leak,  students  have
        of  Ryan  Ziegler’s  Auto  Service  1  class  are   to put their problem-solving skills to the test.
        already hard at work helping a teacher whose   “The most important thing I would like them
        tire is leaking while others spend time hunched   to  take  away  is  the  problem-solving  ability.  North High School Junior Experiences
        under the hood testing car batteries.   Use  the problem-solving  process  to simplify
            Technology  Education  teacher  Ryan   the problem and quickly come up with a viable   Real-Life Scenarios Through Power
        Ziegler is in his 21st year teaching, and he says   solution,” says Ziegler as the students dip the
        this  type  of  hands-on  learning  helps  prepare   tire in a dunk tank to locate the leak. Finding no   Mechanics Continued from Page 3
        students for the real world, “The students love   visible leak, Mr. Ziegler uses this as a teaching
        hands-on  learning,”  said  Ziegler.  “They  can   moment for his class about snow tires and how
        repeat the process until they can complete the   to communicate with customers. “Throughout
        task with little to no help from the instructor. It   the course sequence, students will learn how
        is awesome to see the students complete a task   to communicate with customers and cowork-
        they thought was impossible on their own.”   ers. Some of that communication is done by
            As the weather turns colder, students in   the use of industry software. Another way is
        the class are working on a battery testing lab.   teaching the students how to listen to customer
        The students are learning how to load test a   concerns actively,” says Ziegler.
        battery, measure parasitic drain, remove cor-  Auto Service 1 is a semester course of 85
        rosion,  and  check  physical  connections  to   minutes daily, mainly consisting of juniors and
        ensure a working battery. “The students walk   seniors. These high school students are learn-
        away with a solid understanding of the basic   ing with professional tools on actual vehicles
        automotive  systems,”  says  Ziegler.  “All  of   with real problems. Auto Service is also a dual

                                                                                  •  Fuel,  Ignition,  exhaust  system  Funda-  greater  emphasis  on  diagnostics  and  repair
                                                                                    mentals                        processes. Like the advanced power mechan-
                                                                                  •  Various light repairs         ics course, many of the vehicles worked are
                                                                                  •  Accessing and using repair information   staff/parent/community member owned vehi-
                                                                                    and repair part sourcing       cles for a more real-world experience.
                                                                                                                        The Red Raider Manufacturing program
                                                                                  •  Two  shop  cars  and  many  staff/parent/  gives  students  the  opportunity  to  learn  and
                                                                                    community owned vehicles are serviced   grow in a high-tech environment before even
                                                                                    through the course.            graduating from high school. Learn more about
                                                                                   Advanced Automotive Technology takes   the  program  here:  https://www.sheboygan.
                                                                                some of the same topics to a deeper depth but
                                                                                also focuses on Steering, suspension & Align-
                                                                                ment, brake, transmission/drivetrain, advanced
                                                                                electrical troubleshooting and service.
                                                                                   Capstone automotive is similar in taking
                                                                                previous  topics  further  as  well  as  adding  a
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