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                    Bridges Construction & renovation Students Improve Community

                    with 2020–21 Home projects

                                                                               bedrooms,  two  kitchens,  two  sun  porches,   website at
                                                                               and is 2,360 square feet.               The  District  offers  many  hands-on
                                                                                   Since  the  District  began  the  school   learning  programs  like  Bridges,  with  the
                                                                               year in a virtual learning model, a process   opportunity  for  students  to  earn  college
                                                                               was  developed  for  staff  to  request  Face-2-  credits while in high school. Visit
                                                                               Face  instruction  for  courses  like  Bridges,   why_choose_gbaps/district_programs   for
                                                                               where  in-person  instruction  is  needed  for   more information.
                                                                               students to learn the hands-on skills required
                                                                               to successfully complete the class. A com-
                                                                               prehensive  safety  plan  is  submitted  by  the
                                                                               teacher  for  approval  by  a  Health  &  Safety
                                                                               Committee, which must include the Centers   (920) 448-2000
                                                                               for  Disease  Control  (CDC)  guidelines  of
                                                                               wearing face coverings, physical distancing
                                                                               and frequent hand washing, as well as any
                                                                               other safety measures deemed necessary.
                                                                                   To follow along with the progress of the
                                                                               new home build and renovation project, visit
                                                                               the Bridges Facebook page at
                                                                                BridgesConstructionrenovation,  and  their

        Kristin Rozek                       sin Technical College while enrolled in the
        School & Community Relations Specialist  program.
        Green Bay Area Public School District  This  school  year,  Bridges  students
            The  Bridges  Construction  &  renova-  are working on a new home build at 1064
        tion Program provides high school students   Shawano  Avenue  near  West  High  School.
        a  community-based,  hands-on  learning   The home will be a three bedroom, two and
        experience in the construction and renova-  a half bath single family home. The students
        tion  industries.  Each  school  year,  Bridges   will also build a 24' × 24' detached garage.
        students  work  on  building  a  house  from   Students  will  work  on  the  floor,  walls,
        the  ground  up  in  partnership  with  Neigh-  framing, siding, roofing and finished carpen-
        borWorks  Green Bay. Students work with   try of the house. This year, Bridges students
        professional  contractors  to  learn  about   have the opportunity to work on a renova-
        structural design, building safety, blueprint   tion of a home at 301 S. Quincy Street. The
        reading,  rough  and  finish  construction,   renovation  is  a  two-family  home  built  in
        modern  design  and  home  improvements.   1928. Students will learn masonry, work on
        Students also explore the application of car-  new trim/siding, replace windows and doors,
        pentry, masonry, home wiring, plumbing and   restore hardwood floors, work on dry wall/
        architectural  design.  Bridges  students  have   plaster, install new flooring and restore some
        the  opportunity  to  earn  both  high  school   original features of the home. The renova-
        and  college  credit  from  Northeast Wiscon-  tion home in total has two bathrooms, four

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