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CTE / Construction
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                     McFarland School Offers Pathway to a Career in Construction With

                     Help of Trades Union

                                                                                or,  you  know,  the  GPS  itself,  makes  us  a
                                                                                very well-trained group of individuals,” high
                                                                                school course liaison Kip Gutke said.
                                                                                   After  going  to  college,  Gutke  began
                                                                                teaching but he couldn’t find the right position,
                                                                                eventually turning to construction.
                                                                                   “I  got  an  apprenticeship  program  and
                                                                                graduated from that and worked my way as an
                                                                                operator in the field,” he said. “An opportunity
                                                                                had worked out here at the training center as
                                                                                an opening and I applied for it wanting to carry
                                                                                on that tradition of teaching and also working
                                                                                with the operating engineers.”
                                                                                   With experience in the field and an ability
                                                                                to connect with the youth, Gutke is hoping to
                                                                                inspire them to give the trades a try.
                                                                                   “I hope that all of our students find that
                                                                                role  that  really  makes  them  wanna  get  up
            As  the  shortage  of  workers  in  the  con-  ensure that students know what they want to   every morning and enjoy it because that’s the   an  operating  engineers  can  go  to  139train-
        struction industry persists, a McFarland based   do or don’t want to do as they get prepared for   ultimate  goal  is  that  work  doesn’t  feel  like for more information on the program.
        school is offering a hands-on pathway to the   their futures.”          work,” Wagner said.                Students  can  also  call  Wisconsin  Operating
        career in the trades.                  For  the  last  seven  years,  the  academy   A  few  students  were  involved  in  the   Engineers  Training  Center  to  register  for  an
            Jen Wagner is a principal at Destinations   has partnered with the International union of   program  when  it  began  seven  years  ago.   information session.
        Career  Academy  of  Wisconsin.  The  virtual   Operating  Engineers  Local  139  to  offer  stu-  Wagner  says  within  the  last  three  years,  the   By Shaina Nijhawan for WMTV 15
        school is based out of McFarland but offers an   dents a pathway to a job in the trades. Those   academy  has  tripled  the  number  of  youth
        education to any student in the state.  interested are connected with the union to get   involved  with  more  than  230  students  cur-
            “Serving both full and part time students,   hands-on experience in the field.  rently enrolled full or part-time.
        ranging  from  Superior  to  Racine  and  Green   “Whether  it’s  moving  dirt,  the  commu-  Those interested in an apprenticeship as
        Bay to Platteville,” Wagner said. “Working to   nication  with  hand  signals  or  grade  stakes

          Point your career in the right direction                                              coming in the Next issue of


                                                    enjoy working with your              TEACHING
                                                    hands AND exercising                                                               ™
                                                    your mind?                                         TODAY                       WI
                                                    • Minimum apprentice
                                                      starting hourly wage:
                                                    • Employer-paid                Manufacturing
                                                      health insurance
                                                    • Defi ned-benefi t                  Agriculture
                                                      pension plan
                                                    • Access to 400-acre, state-
                                                     of-the-art training center                Engineering

                                                    Operating engineers
                                                    Local 139,                                       Energy
                                                    Terrance e. McGowan
                                                    Business Manager                 An opportunity to highlight how your students
                                                                                      engage with these programs in your schools

                                                                                                          Please contact:
          Local 139 Instructor Woody Wickersheim                                   Andria — 715-360-4875, or
          shows Monona Grove High School students                                     Renee — 715-839-7074
          how to operate an earth-moving simulator.
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