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                    The Ahnapee Diesel Center and Ahnapee Automotive Program

                                                                                quality instruction and fully equipped, pro-  school,  they  may  choose  to  ladder  into  an
                                                                                fessional-quality  toolboxes,  along  with  the   associate degree in automotive technology or
                                                                                new facilities. Almost all of the students in   a two-year technical diploma as an automo-
                                                                                the diesel program have been placed in the   tive technician.
                                                                                Ahnapee  Youth  Apprenticeship  program   “One of the themes that we have heard
                                                                                with our partner businesses. We believe that   loudly and clearly from our community, our
                                                                                the L-C diesel program will be a win-win for   business leaders in the transportation indus-
                                                                                our students and the local business commu-  try  and  from  the  college  is  that  there  is  a
                                                                                nity.”                             huge need to produce highly trained automo-
                                                                                                                   tive  technicians,  and  that  those  technicians
                                                                                The Ahnapee Automotive Program     can  earn  lucrative  salaries  in  a  very  broad
                                                                                   The  Luxemburg-Casco  School  District   market,”  says  Luxemburg-Casco  District
                                                                                also  hosts  another  educational  initiative  —   Superintendent  Glenn  Schlender.  “Because
                                                                                the Ahnapee Automotive program.    of  that  messaging,  we  created  the Ahnapee
                                                                                   Students  are  provided  with  the  oppor-  Automotive program. “The district believes
                                                                                tunity  to  earn  college  credits  while  also   in the importance of providing L-C students
                                                                                receiving credit towards high school gradu-  with  a  wide  range  of  educational  choices.
                                                                                ation.                             This program is designed for those students
                                                                                   Through  successful  completion  of  the   with a mechanical aptitude, who enjoy diag-
                                                                                Automotive Maintenance Technician (AMT)   nosing and solving automotive challenges.”
                                                                                curriculum, students attain a one-year techni-  To receive the one-year AMT technical
                                                                                cal diploma. Following graduation from high   diploma, students must complete 26 credits
        Luxemburg-Casco School District                                                                            in  courses  such  as  Transportation  Service
            Located in the district’s former middle                                                                Operations, Auto Service Operations, Brake
        school building on Church Street in Casco,                                                                 Systems,  Steering  &  Suspension  Systems,
        the Ahnapee  Diesel  Center  houses  the  first                                                            Intro  to  Electrical  Systems,  Engine  Repair,
        credit-bearing, diesel-only high school edu-                                                               Engine  Performance,  Advanced  Chassis
        cation  program  in Wisconsin  and  is  one  of                                                            Systems and Transportation Welding.
        roughly 20 such programs nationwide.                                                                           “We  couldn’t  have  done  this  without
            Its  facility  features  a  4,200-square-                                                              the  help  of  the  many  great  partners  who
        foot  main  instructional  area,  along  with  a                                                           stepped forward,” says Mike Snowberry, the
        1,000-square-foot  classroom  space.  The                                                                  district’s  director  of  learning  services  who
        project converted the one-time Art and Wood                                                                is  spearheading  the  program.  “One  of  the
        Shop areas of the former Luxemburg-Casco                                                                   things that I tell people is, if you invest in us
        Middle School into the diesel center. The dis-                                                             we’re going to invest back in you. One of my
        trict’s middle school moved to the main L-C                                                                passions is that I’m going to try to find you
        campus at the start of the 2020–21 academic                                                                the  best  people  I  can  in  our  school  system
        year.  Among  the  significant  modifications                                                              that  love  turning  wrenches.  What  gets  me
        within  the  4,200-square-foot  main  instruc-                                                             excited every day is helping students to find
        tional area were the lowering of the concrete                                                              their purpose.”
        garage  floor  by  2  feet  to  accommodate  a
        full size semi-truck cab, enlargement of the                                                          
        front  overhead  door  to  18  feet,  creation  of
        a new exterior ramp, the addition of a rear
        overhead door to facilitate entry of smaller   Hydraulic/Pneumatic  Systems,  and  Engine
        diesel equipment, enhanced exhaust systems   Sub-Systems.
        and ductwork to adequately distribute air and   Upon  graduation  from  high  school,
        mitigate contaminants, attachment of interior   students  can  choose  to  pursue  a  technical
        and exterior catch basins, and upgraded elec-  diploma as a Diesel Heavy Equipment Tech-
        trical outlets to support safe operations.  nician or a Diesel Medium & Heavy Truck
            Ahnapee Diesel is a consortium of area   Technician.  Associate  degrees  in  either
        high  schools:  Luxemburg-Casco,  Denmark,   Diesel  Heavy  Equipment  Technology  or
        Algoma  and  Kewaunee.  Students  in  their   Diesel Medium & Heavy Truck Technology
        junior and senior years are given the oppor-  also are possible student pathways.
        tunity  to  earn  college  credits  while  also   Strong  support  from  area  companies
        receiving credit towards high school gradu-  and  the  regional  transportation  industry
        ation.                              have been a catalyst in getting the Ahnapee
            With  successful  completion  of  the   Diesel  program  off  the  ground.  “With  the
        college’s  Diesel  Maintenance  Technician   help of many area companies who have been
        (DMT) curriculum while in high school, stu-  willing to form strong partnerships with L-C,
        dents  attain  a  one-year  technical  diploma.   we  are  able  to  create  a  workspace  mirror-
        The required 26 credits include courses such   ing that of a professional diesel mechanic,”
        as  Transportation  Welding  1  &  2,  Diesel   says  Mike  Snowberry,  the  district’s  direc-
        Lab Operations, Intro to Diesel Mechanics,   tor  of  learning  services  who  is  guiding  the
        Intro  to  Electrical  Systems,  Diesel  Heavy   program’s creation. “Our students will have
        Duty Electrical 1 & 2, Chassis Sub-Systems,
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