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                   Ashwaubenon High School Students Build Race Car with Help From BSMW

                                                                                from Jeff Lindsley, General Manager
                                                                                at BSMW, who was blown away with
                                                                                the concept.
                                                                                   “They did excellent work with
                                                                                the  design,”  said  Lindsley.  “After
                                                                                Jeremie  sent  us  the  3D  model,  I
                                                                                knew we were going to be all in.”
                                                                                Speed’s  always  a  goal  with  these
                                                                                cars,  but  aesthetics  were  also
                                                                                important with this project.
                                                                                   Community    involvement,
                                                                                a  pillar  of  company  philosophy,
                                                                                motivates  the  sponsorship  of Ash-
                                                                                waubenon  High  School.  BSMW
                                                                                aims  to  inspire  interest  in  manu-
                                                                                facturing  and  fabrication  careers
                                                                                among students at a time when they
                                                                                aren’t entering the industry as much
                                                                                as they used to.
            Each year, Ashwaubenon High School   assigned, team spirit and efficient commu-  “Manufacturing  is  not  going
        students  participate  in  the  Wisconsin   nication are essential.     away, and we hope to contribute to
        Formula Student uSA initiative, conceived   Badger  Sheet  Metal  Works  (BSMW),   the  development  of  future  crafts-
        by technology and engineering instructors   a  regular  steel  donor  for  class  projects,  has   men in our industry,” said Lindsley.
        Mike Besel and Jeremie Meyer. Over eight   supported  the  Formula  Student  program  for   BSMW’s  involvement  with
        months,  these  students  learn  to  design,   several years. This year, BSMW had the privi-  students went beyond sponsorship;   champions gender inclusivity in an industry
        build,  and  race  Formula  First-inspired   lege of being lead sponsor, aiding the students   leadership often visited the classroom during   that many assume only caters to men.
        cars.  This  practical  approach  advances   in  their  unconventional  choice  of  crafting  a   the  project,  interacted  with  the  students,
        their  understanding  of  engineering,  CAD,   jeep-styled race car they named “P10.” BSMW   and  answered  questions  about  fabrication
        fabrication,  welding,  and  CNC  machine   cut,  shaped,  and  custom  powder  coated  the   careers. The company often hires graduates
        operation.  Though  individual  tasks  are   parts. The team’s design prowess earned praise   from  local  tech  schools,  like  NWTC  and

                                    APPRENTICE PROGRAM

                     Bergstrom’s technician apprentice program for both high          Apprentices Receive
                     school and college-level candidates offers a hands-on,           • Seasoned mentor
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                     for a career in the automotive industry.
                                                                                      College Continuation
                     As a technician apprentice, you’re paired with a seasoned
                                                                                      • Tuition reimbursement
                     technician to offer valuable growth opportunities from the            50% of tuition each semester +
                     onset of your career.                                                 post-graduate reimbursement
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