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                   Tech Wing Boosts Interest in CTE

                                                                                time  to  learn  much  because  we’d  be  hunting   something greatly needed in the area. “
                                                                                for tools.” In addition, students enrolled in the   Another  instruction  area  that  has  expe-
                                                                                introductory Small Engines course would start   rienced  a  significant  increase  in  student
                                                                                the semester working on a variety of engines   enrollments is Small Engines. In the introduc-
                                                                                that  looked  nothing  alike  —  complicating   tory course students disassemble and rebuild a
                                                                                lessons  designed  to  demonstrate  to  students   lawnmower engine and then have the freedom
                                                                                the basics of engines, their parts, and how they   to  work  on  other  small  engines  to  advance
                                                                                work together as a whole.          their  understanding  of  the  parts,  components,
                                                                                   That certainly is not the case today. Now,   systems, tolerances and general maintenance of
                                                                                with a vast array of new tool sets and organi-  the engines. Upon completing this course, stu-
                                                                                zational systems within the toolboxes, students   dents can advance to Power Sports where they
                                                                                admit they take great care of, and pride in, their   work on four-wheelers, motorcycles, dirt bikes,
                                                                                professional tools. The Transportation Lab now   jet skis, etc. While students typically bring in
                                                                                can easily house six cars and a semi at one time.   their own project to work on, many also repair
                                                                                And the Ag Power Lab is outfitted with identi-  items brought in by family members or staff.
                                                                                cal Kohler lawn mower engines and John Deere   The DCE Senior High has also expanded
                                                                                tool  sets  that  aid  students  in  collaborating  as   youth  apprenticeships  and  internships  for
                                                                                they  begin  to  parse  out  the  basics  of  engine   students by hiring a full time Community Part-
                                                                                functionality. “Now we all have the same exact   nership Coordinator, who helps students secure
                                                                                engine to work on when we start the class and   these  work-based  learning  experiences.  The
                                                                                the  same  tools,  which  makes  it  much  easier   program has been particularly successful, with
                                                                                for us to learn and help one another,” noted a   both students and employers benefitting from
        D.C. Everest Area School District   DCE  Superintendent  Kristine  Gilmore,  “our   student.               the opportunity to bring youth into the work-
            Since  the  D.C.  Everest  Senior  High   students now learn on the same equipment pro-  Industry and post-secondary partners pro-  place. In the past two years, numerous students
        unveiled its new Tech Wing in 2020, the school   fessionals use today. This really empowers our   vided  critical  input  during  the  #FutureReady   have  apprenticed  at  local  automotive  shops,
        has  seen  a  steady  increase  in  course  enroll-  students because they can more easily transi-  renovation and planning process to ensure the   gaining critical real world experience that helps
        ments serviced by the new labs.     tion to postsecondary courses or a career right   facilities  and  courses  were  aligned  with  the   them clarify their career plans and boost their
            The new labs are spacious, filled with sun-  out of high school.”   needs of the community. Thus, the Transporta-  resumés.
        light, have vast storage areas, fully stocked tool   A strong case in point is the Transporta-  tion Lab is outfitted with multiple tire changers,
        chests, and millions of dollars’ worth of state-  tion  Lab  and  Ag  Power  Lab.  Prior  to  2020,   an  alignment  machine,  and  a  hydraulic  tube
        of-the-art  technologies  and  machinery,  much   the  Transportation  Lab  could  barely  fit  two   bender  for  custom  exhaust  repairs.  The  lab
        of which was donated by community partners   vehicles and was outfitted with a mismatched   also  provides  instruction,  and  the  necessary   seniorhigh
        and businesses. “Because of our donors,” stated   selection of tools acquired over the years. As   equipment,  related  to  diesel  engine  repair  —
                                            one student observed, “We didn’t have enough

                          Spring Car Show                                       Elkhorn’s Autos Program Continued from Page 1

                                                                                support over the years.”           setting,  actually  doing,  in  practice,  is  a  huge
                                                                                   Austin started an Auto Club when he started   factor  in  student  success.  This  is  a  real-world
             Students and teachers at D.C. Everest   son project. It had a blown motor and we put   teaching at the school. The club is a totally stu-  application of classroom learning. It’s functional
          Senior  High  School  brought  their  cars  to   a new one in it. Built it pretty much from   dent-led  program.  They  put  on  an  annual  car   and it works.
          school to promote their auto program.  the ground up. It’s kinda my pride and joy,”   show each year, participate in the home coming   For  more  about  Elkhorn’s  automotive
             Some of the students brought their own   he said.                  parade, and new this year, a community night   program visit their website:
          cars that they have been working on.  Students  were  supported  by  two   for community members to come into the auto   com/view/elkhornhighschoolautos/home
             One  senior  has  been  working  on  his   regional  car  clubs.  This  year  was  their   shop to learn how to perform basic auto repairs
          2002 Ford Ranger for years. “I bought it for   biggest turnout since the car show began.  themselves.
          $400 when I was 14 years old. It’s a father-                                                         
                                                                                   What his students are learning in this shop
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