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        Congratulations 2020 principals of the Year!

            Supported by the Meemic Foundation,   was  the  principal  of  two  other  elementary   aggression replacement therapy. Efforts like   executive  director  of AWSA.  “At  Hillcrest
        the  Principal  of  the Year  award  recognizes   schools in Hortonville and Oshkosh, as well   these have transformed Hillcrest from a for-  School, he has brought students, educators,
        school leaders who have helped drive student   as an assistant principal in the New london   merly toxic environment into one in which   and  families  together  in  support  of  shared
        learning,  foster  instructional  collaboration   School  District.  She  began  her  career  as  a   students can truly learn and thrive.  goals to challenge the status quo and provide
        and  create  safe  and  positive  school  envi-  fourth-grade  teacher  in  the  Wausau  Area   “Eitan  Benzaquen  is  a  humble  leader   a more positive, healthier learning environ-
        ronments. recipients are selected based on   School  District.  In  2009,  she  received   who credits staff, students, families and sup-  ment for students who need it most. We are
        their  dedication  to  professional  excellence,   Wisconsin State reading Association’s Out-  porters for the success of his school because   very pleased to announce Mr. Benzaquen as
        leadership skills and service to their commu-  standing Administrator Award.  he believes in the power of a family envi-  our 2020 Principal of the Year, an award that
        nities. To learn more about the award, visit   “Mrs.  Cochrane  is  a  learner.  She  is   ronment,”  said  Dr.  Sue  Savaglio-Jarvis,   is truly well deserved.”  always  reading  to  better  assist  her  staff,   superintendent  of  the  Kenosha  unified
        the-year.                           parents and students,” said Todd Timm, dis-  School  District.  “He  models  collaboration
                                            trict administrator for the Hortonville Area   for his staff and students, and they emulate
        2020 Elementary principal of        School  District.  “Her  commitment  to  aca-  his  style  in  return.  He  is  an  amazing  indi-  (262) 359-6118
                                                                                vidual who goes above and beyond to ensure
                                            demic  excellence  while  putting  kids  at  the
        the Year Janna Cochrane             center of decision making is reflective in the   that  his  school  community  is  valued  and
                                            North Greenville Elementary School mantra   appreciated.  Together,  they  achieve  great
                                            of ‘Kids. First. Always.’”          things, one day at a time.”        Courtesy of the Association of Wisconsin
                                                                                   Before  becoming  principal  of  Hill-  School Administrators
                                                                                crest, Benzaquen was an associate principal
                                                 at  Stoughton  High  School  and  a  teacher
                                                                                and  fill-in  principal  at  Milwaukee’s  riv-
                                                     (920) 779-7921             erside  High  School.  He  started  his  career
                                                                                as  a  special  education  teacher  in  2001.  He
                                                                                was  previously  nominated  for  the  Wiscon-
                                                                                sin Associate Principal of the Year award in
                                                                                   “Mr.  Benzaquen  exemplifies  what  it
                                            2020 Secondary principal of         means to serve as a dedicated school leader
                                            the Year Eitan Benzaquen            who takes on all challenges using a creative
                                                                                and multifaceted approach,” said Jim lynch,

        Hortonville Area School District
            Janna  Cochrane  of  North  Green-
        ville  Elementary  School  (NGS),  has  been
        named  the  2020  Wisconsin  Elementary
        School Principal of the Year. From the start,
        Cochrane  and  her  team  set  out  to  create  a
        safe, positive and collaborative environment
        that challenged all students, made possible
        through including staff members in key deci-
        sion  making.  Hiring  is  conducted  around
        the concept of aligning a shared vision and
        maintaining the excellent school culture.
            These efforts have led to notable student
        achievement,  including  steady  progress  on
        closing  achievement  gaps.  The  school  has   Kenosha Unified School District
        worked  to  strengthen  its  support  systems   Eitan Benzaquen of Hillcrest School in
        while  improving  response  to  Intervention   Kenosha has been named the 2020 Wiscon-
        structures to meet the academic and social-  sin Secondary School Principal of the Year.
        emotional needs of all learners.        Benzaquen  has  served  as  Hillcrest
            “We  are  very  pleased  to  provide  Ms.   School’s  principal  for  the  past  six  years.
        Cochrane with our Elementary Principal of   The  school  serves  75–120  of  some  of  the
        the Year award, as she has demonstrated an   Kenosha  unified  School  District’s  needi-
        incredible  ability  to  create  an  environment   est students, including those who have had
        in which her staff truly buy in to the mission   issues  with  violence,  drug  abuse,  bullying,
        and vision of her school,” said Jim lynch,   trauma and mental illness. Working with stu-
        executive  director  of  AWSA.  “Opening  a   dents, staff and families, Benzaquen has led
        new  school  with  an  all-new  staff  is  never   the way in changing mindsets and practices
        easy,  but  her  approach  provides  a  great   to create a supportive environment in which
        example  of  how  it  should  be  done.  More   students feel safe and problems get solved.
        importantly, this approach has led to impres-  Some of the successful practices imple-
        sive  improvements  in  student  achievement   mented  at  Hillcrest  include  an  after-school
        and the closing of achievement gaps at North   homework club, a modified course curricu-
        Greenville Elementary.”             lum,  counselor  and  intervention  specialist
            Cochrane  has  served  as  principal  of   support,  family  fun  nights,  case  manage-
        NGES for the past six years. Before that, she   ment services, weekly progress reports and
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