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        National Board for professional Teaching Standards

         About NBpTS                        learning.  Teachers  also  complete  a  series  of                      Lucas Dickinson
                                                                                                                    Kenosha Unified School District 1
            The  National  Board  for  Professional   written exercises that probe the depth of their               Music/Early Adolescence Through Young
                                            subject-matter  knowledge,  as  well  as  their
         Teaching  Standards  (NBPTS)  Established   understanding of how to teach those subjects                     Adulthood
         in  1987,  the  National  Board  for  Profes-  to their students.
         sional Teaching Standards is an independent,   National Board certification is voluntary                   Amy Erickson
         nonprofit  organization  working  to  advance   and open to all educators who have a bacca-                Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District
         accomplished teaching for all students.  laureate degree and three years of classroom                      English language Arts/Early Adolescence
            The  NBPTS  certificate  measures  a   experience in either a public or private school.
         teacher's  practice  against  high  and  rigor-  For  more  information  see  https://dpi.                 Vicky Erickson
         ous  standards.  The  process  is  an  extensive                School District of Ashland
         series of performance-based assessments that   nbpts  and                  Generalist/Middle Childhood
         includes  teaching  portfolios,  student  work   state/in-your-state/wi/                                   Kristin Grender
         samples, videos and thorough analyses of the                                                               Watertown Unified School District
         candidates'  classroom  teaching  and  student
                                                                                                                    Exceptional Needs Specialist/Early Child-
                                                                                                                      hood Through Young Adulthood
                                                                                                                    Kurt Handrich
        Congratulations to these 37 National   Ann Bauer De Ruiz                DeAnna Brunner                      Beloit School District
        Board Certified Teachers!           Germantown School District          Whitewater Unified School District  Social Studies-History/Early Adolescence
                                                                                Generalist/Early Childhood
                                            Art/Early Adolescence Through Young Adult-
        Lorri Arnce                           hood                                                                  Wendy Hansen
        Cambria-Friesland School District                                       Amy Burdette                        Eau Claire Area School District
        Career and Technical Education/Early Ado-  Jacob Bertagnoli             New Glarus School District          Exceptional Needs Specialist/Early Child-
           lescence Through Young Adulthood  Wisconsin Rapids School District   Generalist/Middle Childhood           hood Through Young Adulthood
                                            Social Studies-History/Adolescence and
        John Barth                            Young Adulthood                   Stacy Cepukenas                     Christine Hartjes
        Sun Prairie Area School District                                        Prescott School District            Oshkosh Area School District
        Social Studies-History/Adolescence and   Rachel Broge                   Generalist/Early Childhood          English language Arts/Adolescence and
           Young Adulthood                  Elmbrook School District                                                  Young Adulthood
                                            Art/Early Adolescence Through Young Adult-
                                              hood                                                                               Continued on page 7

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