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Special Combo Issue

                                                                                                          Winter 2021, Volume 1
            TEACHING                                                            TRANSPORTATION

                             TODAY WI                                      ™                     TODAY                                 WI          ™

                    WISCONSIN’S 4K–12 EDUCATION CONNECTION                               YOUr WISCONSIN TrANSpOrTATION CONNECTION

                         Kimberly Students Continue                                           Green Bay Students Continue to

                         to Build Towards the Future                                          Learn Automotive Skills & Earn

                         Despite COVID-19                                                     College Credits During pandemic

                                                                                Kristin Rozek, School & Com-
                                                      Masanz,  the  KHS  technology
                                                      education  teacher  and  ACE   munity Relations Specialist
                                                      Academy  Coordinator  leading   Green Bay Area Public School
                                                      the  class.  “Also  more  impor-  District
                                                      tantly,  they  have  a  chance  to   Despite  a  difficult  and
                                                      explore  rewarding  careers  in   uncertain  year  due  to  the
                                                      the  construction  industry  and   COVID-19 pandemic, students
                                                      develop  essential  workplace   in the Green Bay Area Public
                                                      skills that will help them in any   School District’s City Stadium
                                                      career field they choose.”  Automotive   program  have
                                                          The  project  took  four   been  able  to  continue  their
                                                      months   to   complete   and   hands-on learning in a safe and
                                                      allowed  students  to  gain   controlled environment.
                                                      experience  in  the  follow-  In  2015,  City  Stadium
        Jill Peeters                        ing  construction-based  skills:  construction   Automotive   was  formed  at  East  High   submitted  by  instructor  Ben  Hendricks  for
        Marketing & Community Coordinator    management,  concrete  flatwork,  carpentry,   School to fill a need for skilled automotive   approval by a Health & Safety Committee.
        Kimberly Area School District       framework, fabrication, plumbing, electrical   workers. The  program  focuses  on  teaching   The  plan  included  the  Centers  for  Disease
                                                                                                                   Control  (CDC)  guidelines  of  wearing  face
            Despite  the  current  pandemic,  the   work  and  problem-solving  skills.  Besides   students  about  the  diagnosis  and  trouble-  coverings, physical distancing and frequent
                                                                                shooting  of  faults  in  automotive  systems.
        Building  Construction  2  (BC2)  class  from   providing  a  valuable  opportunity  for  stu-  Students  in  City  Stadium Automotive   not   hand washing, as well as other safety mea-
        Kimberly High School (KHS) recently fin-  dents, the District also realized a substantial   only  earn  high  school  course  credits,  but   sures deemed necessary.
        ished  construction  on  the  Nirschl  Field   savings  in  cost  by  keeping  the  project  in-  they can also earn up to 29 college credits   With  more  than  20  years  in  the  auto-
        multi-purpose  facility.  Nirschl  Field  is   house.                   and a one-year technical diploma. With the   motive industry and multiple certifications,
        located on school grounds and serves as the   “Not  only  did  this  project  benefit  our   college  credits,  students  are  prepared  to   Hendricks  knew  he  wanted  to  submit  a
        home field to the Kimberly athletic depart-  students,  it  also  fulfilled  a  need  for  the   enter the workforce or continue their educa-  proposal  for  Face-2-Face  instruction  in
        ment and other community-based activities.   District and reduced the project cost,” said   tion to earn a two-year degree or technical   order for his students to properly learn the
        The building includes a press box, conces-  Masanz. “It’s really a win/win for everyone.   diploma.        material. “The automotive industry is truly
        sions area and storage garage.      The  students  will  graduate  better  prepared   Since the Green Bay Area Public School   based  on  hands-on  learning,  and  I  knew  it
            Although students successfully finished   for  life  after  high  school  while  leaving   District  began  the  2020–21  school  year   was important to safely deliver that experi-
        the  project,  it  was  not  without  challenges.   something behind to benefit future students   in  a  virtual  learning  model,  a  process  was   ence for our students,” said Hendricks. “For
        The program had to make adjustments like   for many years to come.”     developed  for  staff  to  request  Face-2-Face   five weeks we moved the class to the NWTC
        class size, facemask requirements and other   This experience is an example of how   instruction  for  courses  like  City  Stadium   Transportation Center which had more space
        risk  mitigation  strategies  to  keep  students   Academic  and  Career  Planning  (ACP)  in   Automotive ,  where  in-person  instruction   to physically distance, we wear masks at all
        safe.                               the  District  helps  students  explore  careers   is  needed  for  students  to  learn  the  hands-  times,  and  students  are  partnered  with  the
            “This  class  provides  students  with   and  have  real-world  experiences  that  help   on  skills  required  to  successfully  complete   same classmate for the duration of the year.”
        opportunities to achieve field experience that                          the class. A comprehensive safety plan was
        they can’t get in the classroom,” said Steve      Continued on page 8                                                   Continued on page 20

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