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Summer/Fall 2023                                                                                     Transportation Today Wisconsin™ | 3

                    North High School Junior Experiences Real-Life Scenarios Through

                    Power Mechanics

        Sheboygan Area School District      change the tires. It took about a week to com-
            Abigail Tagel was a junior this last school   plete, but it was super fun.”
        year at North High School. She has taken Tech   The Automotive Program at SASD
        Ed classes in the Red Raider Manufacturing
        (RRM) program since her freshman year and   The  automotive  courses  at  Sheboygan
        was  enrolled  in Automotive Technology  and   North and South High Schools fall under the
        Electro-Mechanics  for  this  one.  Abigail  has   umbrella  of  the  Red  Raider  Manufacturing
        also  taken  Power  Mechanics  and  Advanced   (RRM) program.
        Power Mechanics.                       The  automotive  facility  houses  four
            She thinks that students who take classes   bays with rotary lifts. There are two 10k lb.
        in  the  RRM  program  can  learn  useful  skills   asymmetrical  two-post  lifts,  a  14k  lb.  drive
        that will not only benefit someone going into   on  four-post,  and  a  12k  lb.  Alignment  lift
        the trades but anyone who will own a car or   and Hunter Aligner.  Workbenches and tables
        other machinery like a lawnmower.   are located at the edge of the shop for Power
            “Working  with  actual  machines  gives   Mechanics  and  Advanced  Power  Mechanics
        students  the  opportunity  to  practice  trouble-  courses where students work on small engines
        shooting  in  a  real  situation,  as  opposed  to   and  small  engine  powered  equipment.  Stu-
        scenarios  in  the  lab,”  Abigail  said.  “I’ve   dents have access to a good variety of hand,
        cleaned and adjusted a carburetor for a boat,   power  and  diagnostic  tools  &  equipment  to
        replaced  rear  axles  on  an  ATV,  and  even   complete their service tasks and repairs.
        changed the exhaust for my own car.”   Classes include:                    Automotive Technology starts with entry   •  Automotive   Engines   and   related
            Abigail  pointed  out  that  students  can   •  Power Mechanics (semester)  level automotive topics such as:  systems, there is a class set of engines for
        bring in their own equipment to fix, too, even   •  Advanced Power Mechanics                                   practicing some remove & replace type
        for something as simple as an oil change. She   •  Automotive  Technology  &  Electro-  •  Basic inspections and maintenance pro-  procedures.
        takes a lot of pride in a project she completed   mechanics                 cedures like fluid changes, tire rotations,
        for her own vehicle.                  •  Advanced  Automotive  Technology  &   •  Computer  system  fundamentals  and   •  Electrical, starting, charging system fun-
            “I was ahead with labs and assignments,   Electro-mechanics             using scan tools                   damentals with Digital Multimeters
        so I brought in my car to paint the rims and                              •  Tire and wheel service with tire changers
                                              •  Capstone Automotive (Honors course)
                                                                                    and wheel balancers                       Continued on Page 12
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