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          Exploring the World of Transportation

            Auto Opportunities Abound in the AASD                                  Jefferson Automotive
            Appleton Area School District                                          The School District of Jefferson
            It’s the start of the school day in the auto bay at Appleton East High School and students   The School District of Jefferson is one of 19 ASE certified high schools in Wisconsin.
            are already hunched over a snowblower, muttering about the carburetor. Their instruc-  Innovation, consumer demands, and a rapidly-growing population have transformed
            tor, Pete Worley, is walking around offering tips and assistance. Worley sees the value   the automotive service industry. Expertise in technology, problem-solving, and stra-
            of these real-world learning opportunities,                                                            tegic thinking are now hallmarks of this
            “I  feel  that  this  program  is  so  important                                                       profession and students at JHS are step-
            for  our  school  district  and  community.                                                            ping up to the plate. Over the last several
            As I work with area businesses, I see the                                                              years  the  average  yearly  enrollment  in
            dire  need  for  qualified  technicians.  This                                                         automotive  classes  has  risen  to  nearly
            program  feeds  the  needs  of  these  busi-                                                           150  students.    Notably,  the  increase  in
            nesses and gives the students a direct path                                                            enrollment has also brought many more
            to tech and to their future careers.”                                                                  female students to the classes.
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             Kaukauna Automotive                                                                                   Cudahy High School’s
             Technology Program                                                                                    Brand New Automotive
             Kaukauna High School                                                                                  Technology Facility
             The Automotive Technology program at                                                                  School District of Cudahy
             Kaukauna High School has continued to                                                                 The  automotive  technology  program
             be a very popular program for students to                                                             at Cudahy High School has an updated
             become involved in. Each year 200-250                                                                 home.  Over  the  summer  of  2017,  with
             students  take  part  in  various  courses                                                            support  from  the  Ladish  Foundation,
             offered  in  the  automotive  field  at  KHS.                         the entire auto shop was renovated, resulting in a state of the art facility that has led
             The automotive instructor at Kaukauna Dan Van Boxtel put it this way, “the automo-  to  additional  course  offerings  and  increased  enrollment  to  meet  students’  interests
             tive courses here at Kaukauna are designed to help students help prepare for a number   and vocational needs. CHS auto teacher Luke Lechner notes that there are few high
             of possible career areas. Our program at Kaukauna High School is just working hard   school automotive programs in the greater Milwaukee area. “It’s refreshing to see that
             to try to make the transition from school to work easier for our students.”  Cudahy values their automotive program. It’s like a dream come true,” Lechner said.
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